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Participation Regulations

SIMTOS2022 Exhibitor Regulations

SIMTOS2022 Participation Regulations

Article 1) Purpose

These Regulations aim to regulate booth space rental fees, booth allocation, construction and dismantlement of exhibit products, etc. regarding SIMTOS 2022 participation.

Article 2) Definition of a term

  1. "Participant" or "Exhibitor" refers to the company, organization, or institute which submits its application form and make payment of deposit for SIMTOS 2022 to the organizer.
  2. "Exhibition" refers to Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show 2022 or SIMTOS 2022.
  3. "Organizer" refers to Korea Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (KOMMA).

Article 3) Booth Allocation

  1. Each exhibitor shall be allocated specialized themed pavilion by exhibit products.
  2. An exhibitor which has the highest scores under the standards as the date of application, the date of deposit/balance payment, and times of participation (1984-2018) chooses its location by score. For the move-in & out and other concerns, the organizer has the right to relocate exhibitors’ booth space or to alter the dimensions of the booth space.
  3. Exhibitors which do not complete both deposit and the 1st payment by the due date (referring Article 5) shall not be allocated in the venue.

Article 4) Definition of Participation fees, Utility service charges, Deposit, Intermediate payment, Final Payment

  1. "Participation fees" mean the payment for both booth space rental fees and utility service charges (electricity, telephone, water drainage, compressed air, etc.).
  2. Deposit indicates 40% of booth space rental fees and the intermediate payment shall be paid in once.
    1. The Deposit payment indicates 40% of total space rental fees.
    2. The intermediate payment indicates 60% of total space rental fees.
    3. Final Payment indicates charges for utility services.

Article 5) Application, Payment of Booth space rental fees for exhibition

  1. Exhibitors must pay the deposit within 14 days from the day of applying for booth space online, which is considered as completion of application and contract on the date exhibitors pay the deposit.
  2. The intermediate payment must be completed by Feb. 14th, 2022, Final Payment must be completed Mar. 14th, 2022. Payment shall be made to the account of each exhibitors notified by the organizer.

Article 6) Unit Price of Booth space rental fees

  1. Unit price of booth space rental fees is settled by the date of deposit payment primarily.
  2. Discounts for unit price of booth space rental fees are limited to the company which corresponds to the business license numbers of organizer’s members and the company manufacture products more than 50% in Korea. Also, there will be discounts of booth space rental fees in case that product sales are more than 50% comparing merchandise sales in the financial statement of the latest year.
  3. An Exhibitors must complete the payment of booth space rental fees by the due date the organizer notifies. If the payment is overdue, the unit price of space rental fees is applied to the unit price as the date of deposit payment. If an exhibitor does not make payment even the organizer notifies the date of payment, exhibitors may receive the disadvantages such as exempting allocation or cancellation of participation.

Article 7) Construction and Dismantlement of Exhibit Products

Construction and Dismantlement of exhibit products should be done during the certain dates which the organizer informs exhibitors in advance.

Article 8) Compensation for damage, pollution, loss and so on

An Exhibitor must compensate the organizer or KINTEX (Exhibition venue) for any damages or pollution of venue facilities such as by oil leaks based on the standard of organizer or KINTEX (Exhibition venue).

Article 9) Insurance, Security and Safety

  1. An exhibitor is liable for any accidents which are all potential damages of exhibit products as well as safety for contractors, staff, and visitors in their stands during the period of exhibition and move-in & out.
  2. The exhibitor shall take out insurance to cover itself against all potential damages of exhibits and subordinate equipment during the period of exhibition and move-in & move-out, under the exhibitor's need.

Article 10) Exhibits products and limit to sound system

  1. Exhibitors must display exhibit products listed on application form.
  2. The organizer can limit any exhibit products which is not corresponding to the show features and using sound system out of regulations.
  3. On-site sales of displayed exhibit products without permission and sound system disturbing neighboring exhibitors are strictly prohibited.

Article 11) Cancellation by the organizer

In the event that the exhibitor rejects to use all or any space contracted for or do not pay participation fees within a given period, the organizer can cancel their application and do not refund participation fees which is already paid.

Article 12) Cancellation and Penalty Fees

If the exhibitor cancels all or part of any space contracted for, the following penalty fees will be put upon the exhibitor to be paid within 15 days of cancellation to the organizer. Participation fees already paid shall be taken for the penalty fees. Should that the amount not be sufficient, the difference must be paid and any excess amount shall be returned.
  1. Cancellation before the announcement of booth allocation date: 40% of canceled booth space rental fees
  2. Cancellation after the announcement of booth allocation date(including announcement date): 100% of canceled booth space rental fees
  3. Partial cancellation after the announcement of booth allocation date(including announcement date): 40% of canceled booth space rental fees

Article 13) Compensation for Change of show Schedule

Should the exhibition be change the show period, reduced the size, or cancelled due to some unavoidable circumstances, national crisis or infectious diseases, exhibitors shall not put in a claim for compensation.

Article 14) Other Guidance

The announcement of SIMTOS 2022 can be made through the SIMTOS 2022 website without a separate document or official document, so all participating companies must always check the announcement of SIMTOS 2022 website. Participating companies are responsible for all problems caused by failure to submit various applications or checking the website notice within the deadline prescribed by this Regulation, and if the exhibitors face difficulties to use the SIMTOS 2022 website, consult with the secretariat in advance.

Article 15) Consent to providing information

Article 14 The Secretariat may utilize representative and representative information for guidance on SIMTOS notices, and may provide information prepared by representatives to third parties (only for official partners of SIMTOS) for guidance on essential matters.

Article 16) Supplement of Exhibitor Regulations

  1. The organizer can supplement with Exhibitor Regulations in case of need, and must announce these supplements to all exhibitors.
  2. All exhibitors must abide by the regulations of KINTEX.

Article 17) Solution of conflict

If conflicts arise concerning the regulation between the organizer and exhibitors, the matter shall be solved according to the commercial arbitration rules made by the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board. if a dispute arises regarding this article, it is interpreted in Korean prior to other languages.

Privacy Policy

According to the Personal Information Protection Act, we inform you of the purpose of collecting and using personal information, items of personal information, retention and use period of personal information, rights to reject consent, and disadvantages. Please read carefully and agree to our following statement.

Article 1 Purpose of Collection and Use of Personal Information

A. The SIMTOS Secretariat collects personal information for the following purposes.

  1. Announcement to exhibition notices and guide to the next exhibition
  2. Sending SIMTOS Newsletter
  3. Guides of other services and information

B. SIMTOS Secretariat shall not use the collected personal information for any purpose other than the above except in the case of relevant statutes or prior consent of the user, and shall obtain prior consent from the user if it intends to use it beyond the scope of use.

Article 2 Personal Information Collection Items

SIMTOS Secretariat collects the following items to provide services:

   Collection items: company name(English), name, department, position, mobile phone number, company phone number, e-mail address, company address

Article 3 Retention period of personal information

A. Personal information provided by users will be retained and used by the SIMTOS Secretariat for five years after applying for participation in the exhibition.

B. In any of the following cases, the user's personal information shall be deleted or destroyed and shall not be reproduced or used in any case

  1. A user requests deletion due to resignation, transfer, etc.
  2. When user no longer wants to use the information or loses his/her qualification;
  3. When the purpose of collecting and using information has been achieved.

Article 4 Entrustment of Personal Information

A. Entrustment of personal information

    Entrustment company: SIMTOS designated official contractor (operating agency, carry in/ out, booth design, electricity, compressed air, telephone/Internet, visitor data management system, survey, furniture rental, directory, etc.)

B. When entrusting the user's personal information for smooth business processing, the SIMTOS Secretariat will notify the name of the entrusted processing company and the scope of entrustment in advance on the user email and SIMTOS website.

Article 5 Right to refuse consent to collect and use personal information

Users has the right to refuse consent to collect and use personal information. If you refuse to accept the consent to collect and use the personal information when applying for SIMTOS 2022, you shall not be eligible to participate in SIMTOS 2022.

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